The original fragrance of gardenia flower cells

The original fragrance of gardenia flower cells

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    Gardenia jasminoides Ellis, also known as yellow gardenia, mountain gardenia, and white toad, has three major functions: ornamental, edible, and medicinal. 1. Clear the lungs and relieve cough, cool the blood and stop bleeding. Indicating symptoms such as lung heat, cough, nose, phlegm, and swelling Hypertension: Drinking tea made from gardenia leaves has the effect of lowering blood pressure.
    The original fragrance of gardenia flower cells is obtained by  fresh half open gardenia flowers and using wind to blow out the moisture in the plant cells under a constant temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius in a sealed environment. The fragrance is completely the taste of the flower itself. During the process of condensing the original fragrance of gardenia into dew, the small molecule volatile oil suitable for human skin absorption, the active ingredients of the flowers, and the water of the flowers themselves dissolve each other, not only without losing nutrients, but also retaining the original fragrance of gardenia. Can be used to make beverages, food, health