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    Silk protein also called silk fibroin. It is a natural polymer fibrin extracted from natural silk by hydrolysis and filtration. The protein content accounts for about 70%-80% of silk and 18 types of amino acid. At the same time, glycine, alanine and serine account for more than 80% of the total composition.

    The functions of Silk protein:

    Unresistant - the content of tryptophan and tyrosine can absorb ultraviolet light.

    Whitening raise colour – the protein has inhibitory effect on melanin. Meanwhile, the protein rich in a variety of amino acid small molecule protein, can provide skin whitening nutrients.

    Moisturizing – keep your skin hydrated.

    Anti-Aging - silk protein can activate skin cells and improve blood circulation.

    Silk protein has been wildly used in cosmetics, facial mask and shampoo.