Earthworm Protein

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    Earthworm protein contains collagenase, fibrinolytic enzyme, lumbrokinase, fibrinolytic activating protein, microelement of nucleic acid and other compound. It has a widely effect on body’s clotting system and fibrinolytic system for example abilities of dissolve thrombolytic agent, thrombolytic bidirectional regulation of blood pressure and lower blood sugar. The aetiology of these functions can be explained by:  
    1.Dissolve thrombolytic agent: the content of fibrinoclase can activate the profibrinolytic enzyme in thrombus and converted it to an active fibrinolytic enzyme and then dissolve the fibrous protein in thrombus. 
    2.Bidirectional regulation of blood pressure: active earthworm protein achieves this function by recovering elasticity of blood, dissolve thrombus, improve the microcirculation and the condition of blood vessel, decrease the resistance of peripheral blood flow, and reduce blood pressure viscosity. 
    3.Lower blood sugar: improve body’s internal environment and the recovery of islet function are the mechanism to reduce sugar level in blood.