Evening Primrose Oil

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    Oenothera biennis: It’s a species of the Myrtales Onagraceae, primroses. It’s the most important Nutrition drug in this century, can cure many diseases.it can Regulate lipids in blood and has significant effect on the Coronary artery infarction caused by high cholesterol and lipids, atherosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.
    Evening primrose oil is the oil made from the pressed seed of evening primrose. The component of the oil: γ-Linoleic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper etc. The oil can promote blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction,also can use in chest stuffiness and pains, Apoplexy hemiplegia, endogenous deficient wind, overactive child syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis(RA), Behcet's syndrome, Sores Ulceration,eczema. Evening primrose oil has Whitening effect, relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and perimenopausal syndrome, very similar with deep fish oil is polyunsaturated fatty acid can prevent the formation of blood colts, anti-cancer; especially suitable for postmenopausal women.