Silybum marianum seed oil

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    Silybum marianum seed oil adopts silybum marianum seed squeeze out the using as medicine and food oil. The oil contains Silibinin. Natural silymarl seed oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid and α-Linolenic acid, at same times the oil rich in variety of vitamins and minerals, particularly rich in VE, zinc and selenium, so it is Special healthy edible oil with health benefits. The most important thing is it has the function of protecting liver, after long drinking social intercourse people before or when drinking Silybum marianum seed oil can effectively slow down and prevent the absorption of alcohol by gastrointestinal mucosa, protect gastric mucosa, reduce blood alcohol level, relieve the burning sensation in the stomach, remove toxin that the body cannot break down, accelerate alcohol metabolism, relieves the headache after drinking in next day, the uncomfortable and other symptoms of hangover.