Acer Truncatum Oil

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           Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil is a kind of high-quality edible vegetable oil extracted from the seed of acer truncatum bunge tree - a unique tree of our country. Such oil extracted from the peeled and pressed seed has varied natural active ingredients. It has been approved to register as novel food by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China in 2011. The content of Ve in Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil covers 125.23 mg/100g, exceeding that of the imported olive oil and palm oil. Whereas acer truncatum bunge contains flavonoid compounds, the Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil plays a role in inhibiting tumor. Besides, the Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil has more than 90% unsaturated fatty acid. Amidst the unsaturated fatty acid, there is relatively high content of linoleic acid and oleic acid. Oleic acid is one of the major components of prostaglandin, and prostaglandin plays an important role in mediating the physiological function, promoting the growth and development and preventing disease. Linoleic acid can lower the level of cholesterol in blood and have significant function in curing hypertension and atherosclerosis.

           Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil is also known as nervonic acid because of following reasons: More than 5% C24:1 (tetracosenic acid) is found in the content of the Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil. C24:1 is recognized by the scientists around the world as a miraculous material that can promote cell regeneration and is the only material that can repair and dredge neuronal pathways, nerve fibers of the damaged brains. Without C24:1, people may suffer from varied brain diseases such as sequelae of cerebral apoplexy, senile dementia, cerebral palsy, cerebral atrophy, lapse of memory, insomnia and forgetfulness. Provided that it is difficult for human being to synthesize nervonic acid within body, human being can only take it in from outsides. Nervonic acid in other countries is mainly extracted from deep sea fish oil and shark brain, but it is both difficult and costly to extract nervonic acid therefrom. Whereas both domestic and overseas market are in need of nervonic acid, Acer Truncatum Bunge Seed Oil has become a significant ingredient for the development of nervonic acid, which will bound to fill the gap between the supply and demand in both domestic and overseas market.